That's right, let's go to the toilet with a kimono! First time 'small'

  • 2018.06.14 Thursday
  • 16:00


When I wear a kimono for the first time,

I always go to the toilet.


There are two main reasons why you go to the toilet.



Yes, "Small" and "Big".




Then, when going to the bathroom to do small


First of all, please do not hold back to the limit.



I do not want to do that much,

but should I go there once.


Let's go to the toilet with plenty of time.



If you endure to the limit and go hurry,

there is nothing to be certain.



Let's finish comfortably with a margin.









When entering the toilet,

suddenly stick to the front of the urinal and do not stand.


I step down from the position where I always stand

and prepare for the ritual to do from now.




First, roll the kimono's left body with your left hand.

Next, I roll up the right body of the kimono with my right hand.



Is it done properly?


Next, while holding down the kimono made with the left hand arm,

you will roll the left body of NAGAJYUBAN with your left hand.





Even if the kimono you crawl falls, it is okay.



Let 's roll up kimono along with the left body of NAGAJYUBAN.



With the right hand do the same thing as the left hand.



Now, only underwear is left behind.




All we have to do is lower down the underwear

and take out the symbol.


So here we also need hands to lower underwear

and hands to take out symbols.





That's right, it will be a work while holding Kimono and NAGAJYUBAN

that I threw up all the time with an arm.



Now, I will tell you on the assumption

that you are right handed

and the right hand picks up the symbol God hand.


Oh, it's still a step down from the urinal.


I will resume.









Lower your underwear with your left hand

while holding down Kimono and NAGAJYUBAN

that was raised with left and right arms.




Depending on the type of underwear at this time,

the upper part of the underwear may be sandwiched between KAKUOBI.





In that case please pull the front upper part of the underwear

and rescue it from the KAKUOBI.


Do not rush, it's okay.



You should still be able to afford to your feelings.





So, when you undress your underwear safely, God hand comes in.



Take half a step before you grab the symbol with God hand

While going out a symbol with God hand, go half a step forward.



Let's move by half step by step as it is unfamiliar posture.










With this, your ordinary ceremony will be held at your best position.




Ready for launch!



Oh, wait and wait,


Before shooting,

please shoot after confirming properly

that the hem of Kimono and NAGAJYUBAN holding

with the arm is not inside the urinal.




In any case,

if you are inside the toilet bowl,

the kimono will get wet normally. . .


When a man takes off his HAORI

  • 2018.06.07 Thursday
  • 10:04

GAKUURA is a little hidden fashionable item

when you take off your coat.


It introduced.




Well, when the man wears a kimono

it is time to take off the HAORI ... When is it?


Does not the question arise?





When you wear a HAORI on a kimono,

it becomes a formal wear

At a wedding ceremony, a celebration,

a new annual party or a party


You can wear a HAORI on standing or standing.



Yes, I do not remove HAORI.

Hey, there is no need to take off.





After all, is it just sticking GAKUURA? . .


Then, you do not need to be stylish. . .




So, I remembered when I was not wearing a HAORI.





1. Moving to the venue

Because I often move by car,Take off the HAORI

so that wrinkles do not get under the butt when sitting.



If it is a suit, it is in a state of taking off the jacket.


In this case,

take care not to forget the HAORIHIMO that you removed.




2. Relaxation time for ceremonies and society


For example,
at a wedding ceremony or New Year's party at meals
Take off when the inside of the hall is hot.




3. Casual event such as second party



I think that it is okay to take off the HAORI

when the ceremony is over.


Of course you can wear it.


Also, when there are people interested in kimono,

there are times when I take off the HAORI and show it.


With a stylish GAKUURA attached,
I will be very happy just by showing off.




4. When entering the tea room


Let's take off your HAORI when you go to a tea room.

Take off at the entrance or entrance of the venue.
(There may be differences depending on the school)


By the way, let 's wear white TABI.







Because I can not show you GAKUURA,

let's just prepare for the time

when it is time to do justice for yourself. . .




  • 2018.06.05 Tuesday
  • 16:56


GAKUURA is the lining of a male HAORI.

HAURA also called.




Because it uses a thin and smooth fabric,

it is also called KATASUBERI,

and you can wear it smoothly.





Of a calm pattern with a landscape





Lucky objects and brave animals are drawn.



I feel like carrying a piece of art.





There is also a GAKUURA of such a small print handle.





This is a hand-dyed GAKUURA tailored HAORI.



It took time and effort GAKUURA for hand dyeing.





I hand-painted a brave horse GAKUURA.






Like this






There is playfulness.




GAKUURA is a hidden fashionable item

that you can see when you take off HAORI.



That is why your sense is questioned.



It's fun to wear kimono,

which is invisible GAKUURA rarely to show off. . .